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Reelfoot River & Reelfoot Lake in the State of Tennessee & the Commonwealth of Kentucky

My Background

Reelfoot River & Reelfoot Lake Historical Consultant
Reelfoot River & Reelfoot Lake Historial Consultant
F. Al Hamilton - Consultant
Reelfoot Lake Consulting Services
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Brief History of my background and areas of historical review

My History

For the past 30 years I have been serving the Reelfoot Lake community with the best consulting services regarding private land ownership along the shoreline property at Reelfoot River and Reelfoot Lake, located on the Colony of North Carolina Land-grants or July 10th 1788. I began doing historical fact finding back around 1980 regarding the ownership history of Reelfoot Lake by the State of Tennessee and private landowners in Tennessee and Kentucky. My work included the Reelfoot Lake Levee/Road Project of 1917, Reelfoot Lake Land Addition Project of 1927 under the Reelfoot Lake Commission of 1925, History of the August 28th 1941 Lease agreement with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for lands at the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge.
I have thousands of documents, records and several hundred maps & historial surveys of the Reelfoot River area including many historical photos of the area in the early 1900s

I have enjoyed great success in understanding the history of Reelfoot Lake and Reelfoot River under the ownership of the Colony of North Carolina and the State of Tennessee. Private landowners still own parts of the Reelfoot River & Reelfoot Lake lakebed today inside the boundary lines of the 1788 North Carolina Land-grants # 98, #35, and #51 

Customer comments:

"Your knowledge of the ownership and history of lands around Reelfoot Lake has help me understand my warranty deed terms and the ownership of my property" - Janis Cunningham - owner of part of NC Land-grant # 98, issued on July 10th 1788

"Thanks to you my mother and I understand our property issues regarding our property in the City of Samburg, located on the banks of Reelfoot River." owner of part of NC Land-grant # 35, issued on July 10th 1788 - George Bunch Jr. - Manager of Samburg Motel & Marina 

Reelfoot River & Reelfoot Lake Historical Consultant - PO Box 203 - Samburg, TN. - Phone 731-446-8234 or email: